What Does Secure-HRM Do?

Packed with great features as standard, Secure-HRM allows you to create, store and retrieve employee information straight from your browser quickly and easily saving you money and time and delivering fantastic value for money.

Quickly Process New Starters and Leavers

Basic details of new starters can be easily added to the Secure-HRM system and new staff allocated usernames and passwords so they can update their own personal details themselves, saving valuable administrative time.

Easily Manage Holiday Requests

The Secure HRM HR Management system offers manager and employee self service which means all employees can make holiday requests online.

Staff members simply login to Secure-HRM from any browser to submit holiday requests which automatically send both an internal site message and email straight to their line manager. Line Managers then follow the link in their email and login to Secure-HRM to either approve or reject holiday requests. All requests, approved or rejected are contained in the comprehensive staff holiday report where managers can view holidays by date and/or employee.

Promptly Manage Staff Absence

Whether it’s a planned absence like jury duty or compassionate leave, an unplanned absence through illness or an employee simply going AWOL, the Secure HRM HR Management Software System helps Employers record and report on staff absence in real time, giving you superior visibility of absence long before it becomes a costly issue.

With real-time reporting of employee absence and the ability to filter reporting by date, by team and by individual employee, the Secure HRM HR Management Software System gives Employers the ability to identify persistent absence issues amongst the workforce.

The Secure HRM absence management workflow is easy to use and not only enables managers to capture the initial instance of absence but also maps out the critical steps in the absence management process, the combination of which are proven to effectively reduce staff absence and save Employers money.

Correctly Manage Disciplinary Action and/or Staff Grievances

Last year in the UK, the number of individual employment tribunal claims raised rose by 15% and to the end of September this year, the number of claims accepted by Employment Tribunals has risen by 56% compared with the same period last year so if you employ staff, the chances of you being taken to an Employment Tribunal continue to increase at an alarming rate.

Many of those Employers who have had the misfortune of being taken to an Employment Tribunal often find themselves having to pay out compensation, not because their decision was correct, but because the steps they followed in reaching that decision were either missed or wrong.

The disciplinary action and staff grievance workflow in the Secure HRM HR Management Software System walks Employers through each of the steps in a disciplinary and/or grievance process to ensure everything that should be done has been prior to reaching the ultimate outcome.

From the preliminary investigation to the disciplinary and/or grievance hearing itself and from the outcome of the hearing to the outcome of any appeal, the Secure HRM HR Management Software System will guide you along the way and help ensure you remain complaint and able to demonstrate how and why you reached the decision you did.

Like our employee absence section, the discipline & grievance section also provides real-time reporting of employee both live and closed discipline and grievance cases and the ability to filter reporting by date, by team and by individual employee, gives Employers an insight into exactly what's going on and what support might be required.

Easily Record & Manage Performance Reviews and Staff Training

Performance reviews and staff training often go hand in hand and the ability to accurately record and report on both activities enables Employers to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats across their workforce which can then help driver overall business performance.

The Secure HRM Performance module is where Managers can record the details of all performance appraisals they have with their direct reports. By following the easy to use performance appraisal workflow, Employers can link the completion of action from previous appraisals into current ones, can allocate a performance rating and flag if further escalation is required, outline new actions and set dates for follow up performance reviews.

Like all other modules, the Performance module delivers real time reporting giving Employers an instant overview of performance levels across the entire workforce.

The Training Module compliments the Performance Module and gives Employers real-time reporting on all training that staff have completed and as employees undertake additional training, which may be one of their actions from a recent performance appraisal, Managers can add this information via the Training module

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Employee Software

To Help You to Easily Manage Your People More Effectively


  • Quickly Manage Holiday Requests
  • Promptly Manage Staff Absence
  • Safely Manage Disciplinary Action
  • Easily Manage Performance Reviews
  • Record & Manage Staff Training
  • Correctly Manage Staff Grievances

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  • Improve Administration Efficiency
  • Streamline HR Processes
  • Ensure HR Best Practice
  • Reduce HR Related Paperwork
  • Employee & Manager Self Service
  • Release Administration Resources

Secure HR Software

That Prevent Personnel Problems and Protect Your Business


  • Extended Validation SSL Certificate
  • 256-bit Encryption Protection
  • Stringent Authentication
  • 99% browser recognition
  • Daily Data Back-Ups
  • Secure, off-site Data Centre

Web-Based HR Software

Create, Store and Retrieve Staff Information from Anywhere


  • HR Reporting in Real-Time on:
  • Reported Staff Absences
  • Approved / Rejected Staff Holidays
  • Open / Closed Staff Disciplinaries
  • Open / Closed Staff Grievances
  • On-Site Messaging with Email Alerts